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Restore Your Home with Level 1 General Construction

Hail storm restoration is among Level 1 General Construction’s many specialties. We remain committed to evaluating hail storm-damaged properties and providing exceptional restoration work. Our team is unlike many of the other restoration companies you can find throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. Rather than just doing one part of the job, we take care of all aspects. You won’t need to hire your own team for the roof, exterior, and interior. Instead, we’ll act as your single point of contact and communicate with our trusted team to get the job done efficiently and safely. Learn more about the many ways we can restore your property.

storm restoration

Fixing Up Residential Properties

When hail, a flood, or a severe thunderstorm wreaks havoc on your home, you just want things to go back to normal. You may feel overwhelmed with all the details of an upcoming restoration project. However, when you put your trust in Level 1 General Construction, there’s no need for added stress. We’ll handle all the details of your home restoration, and you can focus on your family and emotional wellbeing.

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Choose Us for Your Commercial Facility

Businesses and other commercial facilities also find themselves in need of restoration after a storm. Our team is proud to provide excellent hail storm restoration services to our commercial clients as well as our residential ones. We can install or repair roofing, as well as recommend new exteriors, doors, and windows.

Installation Services According to Our Values

We complete each job according to our mission and core values. Our team always strives to serve our clients throughout the restoration process and leave their property in a better condition than when we first arrived. You can expect work that adheres to these values:


Our clients appreciate our straightforward approach to problems and promptness when discussing an issue.


We always operate legally, morally, and ethically.


You'll never be left in the dark when you work with us. We consistently answer your calls for help and provide answers to your questions.


Professional service is the standard at Level 1 General Construction. We're dedicated to providing quality work that results in 100% satisfaction.

Help Navigating Insurance Claims

Consider filing an insurance claim if your home or business has been damaged by a natural disaster. Oftentimes, the installation of replacement roofing, exteriors, and more will be taken care of by your insurance company. Unfortunately, many home and business owners are deterred by the difficulty of dealing with insurance. That’s why our knowledgeable staff is here to walk with you through the claims process. We’ll be present during the adjuster’s inspection and make sure you understand the ins and outs of your policy.

Leaving Your Property Better Than We Found It